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A wise man once told me…

from Ken Sethney [marketing coach]

You have the right to pick up the phone and call anybody… and they have the right not to take your call.

So, who are you going to call today?

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What motivates employees to work hard?

The easy answer used to be “money”. Is it still? I invite you to take a look at an April 15th report by Paul Solman on PBS Newshour. If it’s true that today’s employees are looking for something different, how can you incorporate their wants and needs into your strategic plan?

What Drives Motivation in the Modern Workplace? | PBS Newshour

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How to structure a winning sales offer.

Economists like to think human beings make decisions based on enlightened self-interest. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely disagrees. As marketers, we can count on “irrational” decisions to structure an offer that makes the best possible sale. The following video is 17 minutes long. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

Do you know why we so often promise ourselves to diet and exercise, only to have the thought vanish when the dessert cart rolls by?

Do you know why we sometimes find ourselves excitedly buying things we don’t really need?  (more…)

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The Martial Art of Difficult Conversations

I’ve read several books that dealt with making conversations work. Here is a brief article that gives specific advice and a clear example of diffusing a verbal attack. Each of us can use this in our business and family lives, but marketers should consider presenting this to their colleagues in sales and customer service.

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Can you sell what you wouldn’t buy?

You are a savvy shopper, right?. You think before you buy and so does your customer. He’s looking for the same things you are… value, features, performance, benefits. Oh, yeah… and style, color, newness, hipness, whatever.

Take a quick look at your marketing strategy. Look at your products, your message, your results. Would you buy your product from your company? If not, why would anybody else?

Ask your key people how they would answer these questions. Get their honest answers and empower them to suggest necessary changes. Be ready to change your marketing plan as often as you have to so savvy shoppers will buy from you.

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Gratitude makes great marketing!

My wife likes gardening and she likes to bring her garden into the kitchen. Fresh herbs, root vegetables, fruits and berries. I am grateful for these things, but they are not the point of my story.

A few days ago, she received a greeting card in the mail. I recognized the logo on the card, so I assumed it was a “special offer” for a “special customer.” It was something far more powerful… a thank you card from Gardener’s Supply Company.

The copy thanked my wife for her recent order and welcomed her into Gardener’s Supply community. No special offers. No hype. Just gratitude. It made an immediate, positive impression.

Think about it. When you check out at the grocery store or your favorite retail shop, the clerk thanks you. Restaurant servers do the same. Online retailers often include a thank you message on their packing list or invoice, but it doesn’t make much of an impression. Does it?

Gardener’s Supply — a company willing to make an extra effort to deliver extraordinary customer service. Now that’s powerful marketing.

November 28, 2008 at 11:39 am 1 comment

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