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Who creates the most jobs in America?

Net Job Creation

By Michael Stumpf, Principal, Place Dynamics LLC
Published in ED Now, January 29, 2013

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Forty percent of Americans live alone.

I saw an interesting piece on yesterday’s CBS Sunday Morning … “Live alone? You’re not alone.” It said that, “Roughly four out of ten households are single-person homes, in cities like Seattle (42 percent), San Francisco (39.7 percent), Denver (40.4 percent), and Cleveland (39.9 percent).”

“So who are these wonderful people? Well, one-third (34.5 percent) are 65 or over, and about half (48.3 percent) are between 35 and 64. And the women (17.2 million) outnumber the men (13.9 million).”

One of the people interviewed for the story called single people “indispensible.”

“They go out into the world like no one else does and spend time and money in bars and restaurants, in cafes, in gyms, in clubs,” he said. “They’re the ones who are most likely to go to public events – book readings, art classes, all kinds of public activities that give life to city streets.”

Interesting from many perspectives, but I see it as a marketer. How about you? How will this knowledge affect your marketing strategy?

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Do CEOs fear social media?

I would like to challenge the underlying assumption that the digital age is “scary to those who have done business the old way their entire careers.”

Everyone alive today has experienced rapidly accelerating change. There are broad, generational trends, but each of us makes choices about how we will use new ideas, new technologies, new media, new products, and when. For the most part, businesspeople look for a return on their investment of money and time. (more…)

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Baby Boomers rapidly embracing Facebook.

via Baby Boomers and Seniors Are Flocking to Facebook [STATS].

According to Deloitte data, 2009 was the year that social media bloomed for Baby Boomers, with nearly 47% of them actively maintaining a profile on the social web, which is up 15% from 2008. Further driving home that 2009 was the year of the social BB is the fact that from 2007 to 2008 there was barely a measurable change — just 1% — in that demographic’s adoption of social media.

Boomers also love Facebook far more than other social media sites, with 73% of the group claiming to maintain a Facebook profile, while only 13% have taken a liking to Twitter. We also find it somewhat shocking that only 13% identify themselves as active LinkedIn users. One would think that given their place in the professional world, Boomers would we more active on the professional site.

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