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Baby Boomers rapidly embracing Facebook.

via Baby Boomers and Seniors Are Flocking to Facebook [STATS].

According to Deloitte data, 2009 was the year that social media bloomed for Baby Boomers, with nearly 47% of them actively maintaining a profile on the social web, which is up 15% from 2008. Further driving home that 2009 was the year of the social BB is the fact that from 2007 to 2008 there was barely a measurable change — just 1% — in that demographic’s adoption of social media.

Boomers also love Facebook far more than other social media sites, with 73% of the group claiming to maintain a Facebook profile, while only 13% have taken a liking to Twitter. We also find it somewhat shocking that only 13% identify themselves as active LinkedIn users. One would think that given their place in the professional world, Boomers would we more active on the professional site.

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Social media marketing miracle!

Balderdash. If social media marketing works for you, great. Show me the money! Thus far, nobody has. That’s why I chuckled a bit this morning when the Industry Standard Weekly Edition newsletter arrived.

Lately it seems I can’t go anywhere without running into a gaggle of social media consultants bloviating about the wonders of social network marketing. Sure, you’ve seen ’em, too. Slick shake-and-bake “experts” promising to help you leverage the power of Twitter and Facebook to raise your profile and, inexplicably, boost your profits. But scratch the surface on most of these claims and they instantly crumble. Meanwhile, it seems the only people making any money in social media are the consultants themselves. (more…)

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Monetize your web app.

Last week, I attended a Think Tank session sponsored by NWEN, the Northwest Entrepreneur Network. The panelists discussed the iPhone ecosystem and marketplace. The three panelists had very different business models and app focus.

This morning, one of my fellow Think Tank committee members sent a link to a blog post by Box UK that analyzes and compares business models for web apps in general. Since “marketing” in its broadest sense includes all aspects of developing and delivering products into the marketplace, I offer the link here.

By far, the most successful business model thus far is based on advertising, where third-parties place clearly defined advertisements within the website/application. Variations include banners, text, inline, pop-over, interstitial, etc. Advertisers are charged by cost per click, cost per action, or cost per thousand impressions.

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The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism

Originally uploaded by b_d_solis

And here’s what Web 2.0 looks like if you’re not one of the world’s largest, most recognized names in corporate consultancy.

See what Brian Solis has to say about his conversation prism.

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Gratitude makes great marketing!

My wife likes gardening and she likes to bring her garden into the kitchen. Fresh herbs, root vegetables, fruits and berries. I am grateful for these things, but they are not the point of my story.

A few days ago, she received a greeting card in the mail. I recognized the logo on the card, so I assumed it was a “special offer” for a “special customer.” It was something far more powerful… a thank you card from Gardener’s Supply Company.

The copy thanked my wife for her recent order and welcomed her into Gardener’s Supply community. No special offers. No hype. Just gratitude. It made an immediate, positive impression.

Think about it. When you check out at the grocery store or your favorite retail shop, the clerk thanks you. Restaurant servers do the same. Online retailers often include a thank you message on their packing list or invoice, but it doesn’t make much of an impression. Does it?

Gardener’s Supply — a company willing to make an extra effort to deliver extraordinary customer service. Now that’s powerful marketing.

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Launch your video with TubeMogul

“Thanks to TubeMogul, launching and tracking a video marketing campaign to multiple sites at the same time can be both feasible and easy. TubeMogul gives publishers a single platform for mass video distribution to all the top media sites. Upload (up to) 12 sites at once, including YouTube, Google Video, Myspace, AOL, Vimeo, and more. Then, monitor when, where, and how often a video is played through your TubeMogul dashboard.”

Launch your video to multiple sites and track performance with TubeMogul | feed growth!.

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