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What can TED talks teach business?

Maybe companies can build their brands by “sharing” them with others.

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This 2 minute video will make you smile.

During my years as a copy writer, creative director and marketing coach, I’ve learned that it’s not what we say that counts, but how we say it.

The video shows an instance of one person helping another use the most powerful words to solve a problem. That’s what successful content creators do and that’s why everyone else can use their help.

May 7, 2012 at 6:26 am 4 comments

Innocent eyes view brand images.

What does this tell you?

January 30, 2012 at 7:06 pm 2 comments

Make your brand an internal unifying force.

From a recent Linkedin conversation on the “ownership” of brands…

I recently read a speech given by Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express, which he delivered to the Economic Club of Boston several years ago. The topic was the power of brands and in it I thought he made a very interesting point about the internal value of a brand driven culture.

“Because there is a strong understanding of our brand across our employee base, we’re able to have a principles-based management process rather than a rules-based process.” Mr. Chenault goes on to describe AE’s employee proactive response to the news about the Asian tsunami of 2004.

Customer service reps proactively reviewed card and travel related transactions and found 10,000 card members/clients likely still in the impacted area. Those reps placed calls to card members to see if they were all right or needed any kind of special assistance. If help was needed, the reps replaced cards, rebooked travel, and more to meet the needs of the cardmembers. All without management direction.


January 24, 2011 at 10:26 am 1 comment

Marketing in a down economy.

via Brands on the Brink: Marketing in a Down Economy – Knowledge@Wharton.

Among other victims of the recession, brands have taken a beating. Private labels have gained market share. Consumers are cutting back.

Retailers are turning up the heat. According to panelists who gathered to discuss brand strategy at a recent Wharton Marketing Conference titled, “Connecting with the Evolving Consumer,” marketers need to be especially innovative when it comes to making sense of the shifting economy — and profiting from it.

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Standing out in a crowd. What crowd?

One of the biggest problems for any marketer is getting people’s attention. OK, great products, customer-focused messages, enticing offers and amazing customer service aren’t easy. But once you have all those other things, you have to do is get noticed.

Yesterday, I was reading Seth Godin’s blog. Seth knows how to get noticed, but that’s not my point… at least not entirely. He was describing his alternative MBA program. In his words, “Unaccredited, residential, free and six months long. A new way to learn about a new way of doing business.”

Most of the nine “graduates” left the program ready to start or grow their entrepreneurial companies. One, was determined to land the best job ever. What makes Susan Lewis different is her approach. She isn’t submitting hundreds of résumés (crowd), she’s inviting potential employers to apply to her (what crowd?). (more…)

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