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This 2 minute video will make you smile.

During my years as a copy writer, creative director and marketing coach, I’ve learned that it’s not what we say that counts, but how we say it.

The video shows an instance of one person helping another use the most powerful words to solve a problem. That’s what successful content creators do and that’s why everyone else can use their help.

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A magician explains why lies are often the “truth” we want to hear.


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Word of mouth matters.

from The Daily Stat | Harvard Business Review

Word of mouth is no longer just an intimate act: Consumers post product reviews online and disseminate opinions through social networks. McKinsey research indicates that in developed markets, word of mouth has its biggest impact when consumers decide which products to consider and when they’re actively evaluating products — at those moments, 18% and 19%, respectively, see it as the single most important factor influencing them. In developing markets, WOM is most significant at the moment of purchase (46%). In both kinds of markets, word of mouth is the only factor that ranks among the top three at every stage.

Source: A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing | McKinsey

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Old media vs. new media.

Media industry ad revenue declined 12% year-over-year to $125.3 billion in 2009, according to a report issued by Kantar Media, the WPP-owned research firm formerly known as TNS.

The only major growth area: Online ad spending. Internet ads — display only — increased 7% in 2009, according to the report.

Meanwhile, TV ad spending fell 10%, as cable outperformed network TV, and spot spending fell dramatically, as political ads from 2008 weren’t around in 2009. Magazines dropped 17%, newspapers and radio each dropped 20%, and outdoor fell 13%.

from the Silicon Valley Insider | Chart of the day

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Elegant marketing by a landscaping guy.

This afternoon, I got up from my desk and headed outside and up my driveway to fetch the mail. On the way, I noticed a small bit of shiny plastic at the edge of the drive and decided to pick it up for proper disposal on my way back to the house, er… office. We had a big wind storm two nights ago. The power was out for hours and trash cans had been tipped over. Stuff happens… no big deal.

When I picked up the plastic bag, I took a look and cracked a smile. There it was, on the edge of my driveway, the most elegant bit of marketing communication I had seen in quite a while.

It was a small plastic bag with a stone and a landscaper’s business card inside. “I work for people in this neighborhood and I’d like to work for you.”
Perfect package, focused targeting, elegant message. BOOM… a trifecta!

If I had been away, the plastic bag would have protected the message from the elements for quite awhile. It was tossed on the side of my driveway, so I wasn’t likely to destroy it with my tires. Business cards are cheap, and no postage was required. The stone can be recycled into my existing landscaping. The I’m just sayin’… this thing is elegant.

As it turns out, I already have a landscaper. BUT, I’m keeping this card just in case.

What’s the most elegant marketing message you received today? How can you learn from it to improve your own?

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Yes, Virginia, people are still reading newspapers.

It seems that setting aside a portion of your advertising budget for newspapers isn’t such a bad idea after all. The question every marketer should ask is how can I measure the return on my investment?

Reports of the death of print newspapers may be premature, suggests Scarborough Research. While print newspaper readership is indeed declining slowly, nearly three in four U.S. adults still read printed news on a weekly basis. Printed newspapers appear to be holding onto their audiences well in an era of fragmented media choices, Scarborough says.

Source: The Nielsen Company

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