Here’s Your Marketing Checklist

July 28, 2014 at 4:54 pm 1 comment

Marketing is the key to your business future. Successful marketing creates selling opportunities. Every now and then you have to get away from  day-to-day operational details and review your marketing plan. This checklist is intended to help you decide if your marketing is taking you where you want to go.


Take a look at your target market. How much do you know about your prospects? Are you talking to the right people? Do they look like your most profitable customers? Are there people on your list who made sense in the past, but don’t today? Does everyone in your company agree on the definition of a Class A prospect?


Spread out copies of your marketing materials on a clean table. Include brochures, sales literature, print ads and press releases. Prop open a laptop featuring the home page of your website, and others with your social media efforts. Are you sending out a consistent message? Is it customer-focused? Does it speak to today’s market conditions, or is it rooted in the past?


Are you getting the results you need from social media, print ads, direct mailers, sales letters, telemarketing cold calls and trade shows? Are you in front of people often enough to break through the clutter of competing messages and make a good impression?


Do your sales people control the selling process, or do you? Is your marketing strategy clearly defined? Does your marketing program qualify leads, or merely create them? Have you defined the point where marketing stops and selling begins?

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It ain’t semantics, it’s results.

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