We could all use a fresh pair of eyes.

December 24, 2012 at 9:33 pm Leave a comment

When was the last time you had an impartial, dispassionate assessment of your marketing program?

Sorry, this is a trick question.

You get a dispassionate assessment every time a potential customer takes a look at one of your ads or reads one of your brochures. Every time an editor scans a press release or one of your own sales reps decides to use (or toss) another piece of collateral.

Unfortunately, none of these people is likely to volunteer an honest appraisal of your work—yet their honest appraisal is (should be) monumentally important to you as a marketer. 

As a marketing coach (ad agency creative director in a past life), I have used a four-step process for extracting useful opinions about marketing programs and materials. Try them, they work.

(1) Gather up all of your ads, press releases and collateral. Look at them closely. Read them carefully. Make and honest list of possible improvements.

(2) Go through step one with your company’s sales team: inside reps, outside reps, dealers. Do the materials speak to today’s customer. Are the right hot buttons being pushed? Is there too much information? Not enough?

(3) Try step two with several customers. A formal survey would be nice, but a few well placed phone calls works reasonably well.

(4) Most important of all: talk to a few people who zipped through the sales pipeline and ended up choosing a competitor. Their opinions are solid gold.

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