Smaller houses and bigger lives, the time of quality essentials.

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by Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

Some younger people fear that in their future they will not do as well materially  as their parents’ generation and because of that they face a bleak future. Well I have good news and better news, so fear not.

GM (General Motors), the old GM that once roamed the world stage like a 900 pound gorilla not the “new” smaller and more humble GM that filed for bankruptcy, came up with the idea that the car you drove defined who you were and created different brands for different classes of consumers. If you were a doctor or lawyer you drove a Caddy, successful business types drove Buicks and Oldsmobiles, up and comers drove Pontiacs and for the common man there was the Chevy.

The same concept was applied to other products from personal hygiene products, appliances, clothes, homes…your stuff defined you and people were constantly told and bought into the idea that the quantity and quality of their stuff reflected their worth as a person. You can never be too thin or have enough stuff and he who dies with the most stuff wins.

This excessive consumption and accumulation of goods knowing that there were others in the world in need is the very definition of greed, which is both an economic and moral sin.

Proof that Americans, and other around the world,   bought into the “pack rat” mindset is the number of mini-storage warehouses, garages, attics, basements and storage sheds bulging with unused and often forgotten stuff. This accumulation world view is fed by fear, God Forbid someone points out that you are wearing/using the same “old thing”. And yet the old stuff is too good to toss out or give away so it gets stored. There is a company now called, yes..Pack Rat, which will bring a really big box out to your home and when you’ve filled it with stuff they’ll pick it up and store it for you.

The smug, “I’ve got more and better stuff than you”  consumer society is about more than just need, or at least physical need…it’s a sickness and is contagious.

Be of good cheer for we are recovering from the fever and awakening from the consumption nightmare .

Greed is both a moral and economic sin and it is inefficient.

Since WWII we have had several generations sell the most precious thing they have…their lives, for stuff they really didn’t need or even use. People bought into the idea that it’s OK to spend more time with your co-workers than with your family. That fighting rush hour traffic going and coming was a good thing because your kids could then wear the “right” shoes. Better an expensive electronic toy then tossing a ball with your kids or just sitting and talking..but all that is coming to an end.

When is enough enough? When its too much. If you don’t know what you have or where it’s at you really don’t need it.

Our future lives are not about the quantity of the stuff we possess or which possesses us , but rather about “quality essentials”.

The future is about how we choose to invest the gift of life that was given us. In the physical world this concept of “quality essentials” will be manifested in education, energy, health care, the goods we produce and buy and in how we use technology.

Technology, the application of science, has really been man’s claim to fame from the time of figuring out that a rock is harder than a nut, that with a long stick we can reach higher hanging fruit and of course a real biggy..the use of fire. Technology brings with it new efficiencies, a greater return for the investment made and is the basis for “quality essentials” and for new understandings about what is good and right, about new values.

In Native American teachings children are told that life is a gift from Creator/Creation and that they are also given free will and can choose the road they walk in life. The Red Road is based on love on showing appreciation for the gift of life by sharing it , the Black Road is based on fear and is about focus on self and it lessen the life experience, the gift. The opposite of love is not hate its fear for hate like all moral and economic sins is fear based.

In another teaching children are told that all men are brothers and once lived on Turtle Island but were sent off in different directions with instructions that one day they would come back together and share what they had learned while apart and there would be a time of cooperation, peace and prosperity. ( The Legend of Turtle Island)

Pragmatism, a late 19th century American philosophy or study and search for truth holds that if some idea or concept proves its worth is should be followed; it is the practice of the practical. All life, including humans, is preprogrammed to the practical by its prime directive, survive and reproduce, and once a better way or environment is found change takes place.
In humans irrational fear holds back the change for the better, better the devil I know than one I don’t know . Fear creates what the Toltecs called mitote, the fog of the mind and of the soul. And this mitote clouds our vision of what life can and should be, but once we let go of the fear and stop giving it energy the fog dissipates.

My friend and mentor , Jack Brightnose, a Cree medicine man once told me that words are magic, that the very idea that by making sounds or putting down symbols we can paint picture in the minds of others is magical, and that we get to choose whether we practice white magic (love) or black magic (fear).

I have good news and even better news. The good news is that the world economy is changing from one based on saturation and excess to one based on fewer “quality essentials”. The better news is that many people will be set free from the consumption nightmare, they will no longer sell their very souls, their life experience for unneeded stuff.

Through the use of computer and communication technology we are sharing what we have learned and reaching new levels of efficiency; and in so doing we are moving away from an “us and them” time into the time of the “we”; a time of smaller houses and bigger lives.

Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related)


The Author
In his own words

“Prior to serving as a Corporate Credit Manager I owned a small business and understood first hand the Profit Imperative.

What I found in Corporate Credit Management was a Senior Management and Employee mindset fixated on risk and not profit. Having seen how my own organization, our suppliers and our customers misunderstood and underutilized the Credit and A/R Management (not collections) Function I entered the business consulting and training field in 1982.

The target audience for my work is Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, and senior business managers…the decision makers who can make improvement happen, once they are enlightened.”

Profit Centered Corporate Credit Management

Developer of the copyrighted Profit System of B2B Credit Sales and A/R Management Abe WalkingBear Sanchez has worked with many hundreds of Business Owners, CEO and senior business managers groups internationally including at the Shakespeare Globe Theater in London. The endorsed Credit Consultant for STAFDA’s 2900 members and PEI’s 1600 members he was presented the Vistage Master Speaker Award for speaking to over two hundred Vistage Groups internationally.

WalkingBear has authored hundreds of business articles, he is the author of ProfitCentered Credit and Collections 1999, co-author of STAFDA’s Foundations of a Business 2007, and co-author of the new international book, The Best Kept Profit Secret: The Executive’s Guide to Transforming a Cost Center 2009.

ICM / Mexico, Irish Institute of Credit Management, Evergreen Marketing Group,Vistage, CU, CSU, Texas A&M, 
N A C M – Kansas City, HTDA, BCFM, Skinner Nurseries, Deardens, Rain Bird, STAFDA, IBM, PEI, Atradius 
are but a few of the groups, schools, companies and associations for whom WalkingBear has conducted programs.

WalkingBear can be reached through:

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