What does this brand mean to you?

May 29, 2008 at 7:25 pm Leave a comment

Since the name was trademarked in 1903, cubic dollars have been spent to build, support, expand, refine, and engrain the Pepsi-Cola brand in the mind of “cola” drinkers everywhere. It is reasonable to assume that near cubic dollars have been invested in marketing research to learn how effective the efforts to build, support, expand, refine, and engrain the brand have been. The results of this research have been, of course, proprietary. That was then, this is now.

Blogger and marketing communications strategist Noah Brier had an interesting idea: If brands exist as the sum of all thoughts in someone’s head, then if you ask a bunch of people what a brand is and make a tag cloud, you should have a pretty accurate look at what the brand represents. Here’s the current tag cloud for Pepsi on Brier’s brandtags.net site.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves. Brier is inviting the addition of more brands and responses have grown substantially since the site launched May 9th. There were 77,000 tags in the first week — 600,000 by day 12. He notes: Some people confuse Audi’s rings with the Olympics, people remember Hitler created Volkswagen, Hanes should try and hold on to Michael Jordan, EA Sports is Madden, people don’t like their phone companies.

I found myself energized by the game. See a brand. Enter an impression. Repeat.

Most of the brands are familiar, but I’d like to see unfamiliar symbols interspersed among the biggies. Designers would benefit, participants would… well… participate. Check it out, see what I mean, leave a comment.
What do you think when you see the Guinness brand?


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